We Stole These Summer Fruit Recipes from Local Bloggers. Oops

Our favorite morsels from the blogs.

Cheesecake baked in little jars with roasted nectarines

We're totally stealing this recipe from Chez Pim's Pim Techamuanvivit. Call it poetic justice, since Pim ripped it off ― or pieces of it ― from the kind of high-class chef talent she rolls with (her man's David Kinch, the Manresa dude). For the fromage blanc cheesecake, Pim got a bit of it from Mark Denham (ex-Laïola, future Bishop), the jar part from Manresa pastry chef Deanie Hickox (formerly Fox, as in Jeremy Fox, until, well, the Fox Ubuntu gig collapsed like an underbaked soufflé). “It might just be the summer dessert for me this year,” blogs Pim. Something tells us it'll be ours, too.

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