Wednesday at Pal's Takeaway, Il Cane Rosso's Lauren Kiino

The Lauren Kiino-wich

Where: Pal's Takeaway, 2751 24th St. (at Hampshire), 203-4911

When: Wed., Mar. 30, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

The rundown: Not content with moonlighting at Coffee Bar, Il Cane Rosso partner Lauren Kiino has signed on to take up the guest-chef gauntlet at Pal's Takeaway Wednesday. The Kiino creation: Marin Sun Farms beef brisket with fennel ketchup and a slaw the precise details of which you'll just have to take on faith will yield something delicious, on a crunchy Acme roll. And, if you're lucky, Pal's won't be sold out of the toffee “crack” ex-Bruno's pastry talent Kat Zacher has been dropping off with owner Jeff Mason.

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