Wednesday Five: Batter by the Bay Returns, The Dorian Does Brunch, Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't let Donald Trump ruin it.

[jump] Batter by the Bay Returns
Gillian Fitzgerald, formerly of Virgil's Sea Room (and currently other food- and drink-related endeavors), will bring her fish-and-chips pop-up back to Wing Wings on Tuesday, Dec. 1. While it nominally runs from 5-9 p.m., Batter by the Bay tends to run out early, so make every effort to get there before 7 p.m for some Baby Daddy IPA-battered cod, 4505 Meats battered sausage, and a chip buttie — that's a french fry sandwich with buttered bread — made Irish-style with Kerrygold butter, sharp cheddar, and Tayto potato crisps. There will be (utterly unhealthy) veggie alternatives, this time, too: curry chips, onion rings, battered mushrooms, and more. If you opt for a battered Mars Bar for dessert, all proceeds go to Concern Worldwide. And Wing Wings has beer and wine, don't forget. Thanksgiving dinner will be a distant speck in the rearview mirror by then.
Batter by the Bay, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 5-9 p.m., at Wing Wings, 422 Haight, 415-834-5001.

The Dorian Does Brunch
The Dorian
, which opened in the Marina late in the summer, has rolled out a brunch menu (Saturdays and Sundays, 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) that includes cinnamon sticky buns with a whiskey caramel sauce, a grilled shrimp chop (with butter bean, apple, carrot, avocado, and Champagne vinaigrette), “Chicken Littles” (on a butter roll with pine nut arugula pesto, and tomato aioli), and Toad in the Hole. The Royal Dorian, that $40 burger with black truffles and peekytoe crab, comes in a mini-version for an affordable $9.50, if you want to make brunch decadent (as you should).
The Dorian, 2001 Chestnut, 415-814-2671 or

Trump Will Ruin Thanksgiving

Public Policy Polling (PPP) says most Americans think Donald Trump — as in, the subject of, not the crypto-fascist billionaire candidate himself — will ruin Thanksgiving. Worst, only 11 percent of Republicans approve of Barack Obama's pardoning two turkeys. That's not to say that 89 percent of Republicans want more dead birds, because in all likelihood, many have no opinion on the matter. For perspective, 59 percent of Democrats approve of the presidential turkey pardon. And lastly, 21 percent of Republicans think Starbucks is part of the War on Christmas, while 47 percent don't. (Polling that takes it as a given that there is such a thing as the War on Christmas is very annoying, but that's the world we live in.

Wild Turkeys Are Thriving
Stories about species going extinct make me very upset, so here's a solid piece about how we saved the wild turkey from going the way of the passenger pigeon. Numbering around 10 million at the time of European contact, the species was down to 30,000-200,000 by the 1920s. The population has since stabilized, due to conservation measures that included “spring-loaded rocket nets to capture whole flocks and relocate them to a suitable turkey-free habitat.” Hurray!

Happy Thanksgiving, SFoodie readers!

Salon compiled a list of questions panicky people have asked of Butterball's hotline. It's worth reading alongside Tante Marie's incomparable “Just put the fucking turkey in the oven.”

Tomorrow, trace a hand turkey around your fingers with a crayon, don't panic if every last thing didn't come out perfect, don't complain if the cranberry sauce was homemade and not the kind that retains the shape of the can like you're used to, tell everyone you spend tomorrow with how much you love them — and, most of all, eat well!

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