Wednesday Four: Fiorella to Open on Clement, Ike's Expands to Rockridge

Plus Magnolia suffers another setback, and you will never guess how vulgar British Nutella eaters can be.

[jump] Fiorella to Open in the Richmond Jan. 27
If you named the top five most common cuisines to be found along Clement Street, Italian would probably not be one. Boris Nemchenok of Uva Enoteca (with chef-partner Brandon Gillis, formerly of Brooklyn's franny's and chef de cuisine Gavin Braid of Park Tavern and Mikkeller Bar) is opening Fiorella at 2339 Clement Street in less than two weeks. The 40-seat restaurant will have a pizza oven, a back patio, and — from the looks of it — some very busy wallpaper. Look for things like a chicken liver Toscana crostini, a polenta with Napolitano meat ragu, and a salsa made from warm beef tongue, celery, walnuts and horseradish sauce.
Fiorella, 2339 Clement, 415-340-3049 or

Dennis Lee Leaving Smokestack and Magnolia
According to Eater, Dennis Lee of Namu Gaji is leaving Magnolia Gastropub and Smokestack only a few weeks after Magnolia filed for bankruptcy. However, Lee will still maintain several kitchens at once — or will shortly, anyway: Namu Gaji is opening two more restaurants in S.F., plus more one in Indonesia. (Asia just beckons to San Francisco foodies, as Blue Bottle and A16 are in Tokyo, and Mr. Holmes' Bakeshop just announced a location in Seoul.)

Ike's Expands to Rockridge
Inside Scoop reported that Ike Shehadeh, the colorful head of Ike's Sandwiches, has decreed that its 19th location shall be in Rockridge, with an opening date of sometime in mid-to-late-spring. Since many ike's have sandwiches that, like Galápagos Islands finches, are endemic to only that one location, it will be interesting to see what you will have to make the pilgrimage to Oakland to eat.

Upscale London Department Store Will Personalize Naughty Nutella Jars
Disneyland prudently only lets people get personalized apparel with a real human name on it, because they know that this is exactly what will happen otherwise. Selfridge's, the super-fancy London department store, is personalizing Nutella jars. It took no time for vulgar Britishisms like “Arsemuck” to appear.

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