Wednesday Fourteen: Let's All Get Drunk and High Tonight

Plus Taste of Potrero tickets go on sale, Itani Ramen sets a date, Cafe du Nord's Viking Room is now only for special events, and more.

[jump] Celebrate 4/20 With Beer and Weed
Via Bernalwood, Old Bus Tavern (3193 Mission) will honor 4/20 with an English-style Mild Ale this evening. (Old Bus is also the center square — if you will — of this month's Drink SF Beer Shuttle route. Meanwhile, six blocks up at Alamo Drafthouse (2550 Mission), Chef Ronnie New has a special Weed Wednesday menu in honor of tonight's triple billing: Speed Racer (4:20 p.m.), Half-Baked (8 p.m.) and Eraserhead (10:30 p.m.). Via Inside Scoop, Alamo will serve a “Fat Kid Cookie Sammich,” two kinds of pizza, salt and vinegar chips with French onion dip, and more.

Taste of Potrero is May 12
The sixth iteration of the annual benefit for local education hits Pier 70 at 7 p.m. on the evening of Thursday, May 12. Tickets for Taste of Potrero — an evening of all-you-can-eat-and-drink madness, with luminaries like Comstock Saloon, Beretta, Third Rail, Bar Agricole, Nopa, and Hillside Supper Club — will cost you somewhere between $102 and $230, but remember: It's for the kids!

Itani Ramen Will Open May 2 in Oakland
Hopscotch's Kyle Itani will open the 49-seat Itani Ramen (1736 Telegraph) early next month, and Chef Brian Ikenoyama's noodles will all be made in-house. Look for seasonal and regional ramens, along with dishes like a mapo moyashi (ground pork, spicy miso, bean sprouts), and crispy pig ears (lime, shichimi pepper), plus a dessert vending machine stocked with Soy Ice, Pocky, It’s-It Ice Cream, and Baumkuchen roll cakes.

Cafe Du Nord's Viking Room Goes Special Events-Only
It's tough to run a venue with multiple spaces, and Eater reports that the 30-seat Viking Room will now be open only for special events.

Noe Valley Little Chihuahua Reopens
It's been shuttered since late February, according to Hoodline, but Little Chihuahua (4123 24th St.) now has a chandelier.

Wine Train Lawsuit Settles
Yesterday morning I rode the F-Market, which was hideously overcrowded owing to the N-Judah's implosion, and witnessed a white lady call a black guy the N-word several times. It reminded me of last summer's Napa Wine Train incident, in which a book club consisting of 11 African-American women was asked to leave —and whaddya know, they've settled for an amount that left them “very satisfied,” according to Eater.

Mel's Drive-In Isn't Getting Torn Down
So says The Examiner about the iconic hop at 3355 Geary, which gathered 50,000 signatures(!) from Mel's fans, and signed a 20-year lease.

Thrillist's List of Hipster Food Trends You'll Eventually Hate Is Spot-On
I couldn't help myself from clicking but this is actually pretty well thought-out. The trends Thrillist forecasts will be so over in 2017 include raclette, ube, poke, cauliflower rice, and no-tip restaurants. Can you feel the poke backlash building already? 

The Whole Foods Effect: The Woes Artisanal Producers Face When Scaling Up
Leading off with the Bay Area's own Cowgirl Creamery, the New York Times looks into the challenges small-batch producers face when Whole Foods agrees to distribute them, and they suddenly need to ramp up production very quickly: “The 'Whole Foods effect' can quickly turn to fear as they face producing and distributing their recipes at larger volumes while maintaining quality and consistency. And most critically, they have to find the money to pay for the expansions.”

Whole Foods' 365 Store Coming to Russian Hill
And lastly in today's trifecta of Whole Foods stories, the chain confirmed that the former Lombardi Sports at the corner of Jackson and Polk will be S.F.'s first 365, its lower-cost subsidiary. According to SFGate, there will be one in Concord, too.

Whole Foods “Homophobic Cake” Might Be a Hoax
Speaking as a queer atheist, there's a special place in hell for LGBT people who piggyback on the very real problem of homophobia or transphobia by making shit up. Per the Washington Post, Jordan Brown, the gay Austin, Tex., pastor who claimed Whole Foods sold him a cake whose icing spelled out “LOVE WINS FAG,” appears to have altered the cake himself. (A little scrutiny at his pic plainly shows that the epithet is a different thickness than the happier part of the message, his protestations that the box was sealed notwithstanding.) Seriously, reverend: Why?

Is Hoppy Beer Good for Breastfeeding?
I'm super-skeptical of all of these pop-science things, but considering the discourse (read: moral panic) surrounding what pregnant and nursing women should or should not consume, this one's rather interesting. New York magazine's verdict is that hops is good and bad, but the conclusion involves the amazing word “galactagogue.”

Some Weirdo Actually Cooks Her Lettuce
Julia Child braised it, so why not? The New York Times goes in for an amusing look at the lost art of occasionally very time-consuming ways to prepare this widely ignored green. “I love cooking lettuce because, like most people, I have lettuce,” Tamara Adler writes.

Sweet as Sin Looks at the History of Lots of Famous Candies
I had no idea that — long before the short-lived swing and big-band boomlet of '98, anyway — there was something called the Squirrel Nut Zipper. Or that Lucky Charms once used circus peanuts as prizes.

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