Wednesday Nine: Russian River Brewery Expands, Magnolia Gets a New Menu

Also, too: Japanese brewery Hitachino is coming to the Tenderknob, Dabba is opening a brick-and-mortar next month, and location no. 2 of The Baked Bear gives away free ice-cream sandwiches. 

Sprig Nabs an Impressive Chef for Next Week
David Nayfeld (formerly of NYC's Eleven Madison Park, currently of the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor space pop-up Mission DNA, and soon to be of Che Fico) has joined up with Sprig to create a week-long series of Italian-inspired dinners, available from Tuesday, July 5 – Sunday, July 10, 4-10 p.m.  There's a farro salad (with grilled broccolini, radicchio, marinated beets, castelvetrano olives, dijon red wine vinaigrette), a lemon-mustard chicken (with arugula, watermelon radish, shaved parmesan, sun-dried tomato yogurt) and a chili-rubbed pork (with olive oil-poached fennel, sweet-and-sour grilled apples, rutabaga puree, and yellow raisin caper relish). 

Food Truck Dabba to Go Permanent Next Month

Named for Mumbai delivery guys called “dabbawallas,” the food truck Dabba is scheduled to open a brick-and-mortar at 71 Stevenson in July. Hoodline reports that it was originally intended to happen in 2015, but, well, you know. You'd better like woo-inflected wordplay: Dabba refers to its fusion offerings as “arranged marriages” of “ethnic confusions” made with “farma karma.”

Again? Poison Meatballs Found in Duboce Park

Two and three years after spates of similar occurrences around Twin Peaks, it appears that someone is poisoning dogs again, this time in Duboce Park. SFist sourced it from social media, and while no one has definitively connected the incidents, there can only be so many sick fucks who want to kill dogs with meatballs. Please excuse my uncharacteristic thirst for justice, but I really hope they find this asshole(s).

Big in Japan
Venerable Japanese brewery Hitachino Nest Beer is coming to the Tenderloin/-knob for its first U.S. location. Hoodline reports that the Hitachino Beer & Wagyu will open a 45-seat izakaya next month at 639 Post, having signed Noriyuki Sugie (formerly of Nombe). Look for half a dozen sakes, a bunch of pickles, and 10 beers from Hitachino.

Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery Gets a New Menu
Magnolia's 1398 Haight St. location has gotten a new menu with some assistance from chefs Freedom Rains of Belga and David Bazirgan of Dirty Habit. Eater reports that the new spreads of sausage and charcuterie were meant to correct an imbalance between the brewpub's beer and food offerings, and the results are pretty dazzling at first glance: There are devils on horseback, liver terrine, harissa sausage, a brunch steak-and-eggs dish, and plenty of other stuff to keep your stomach primed for more quality beer.

Russian River Brewery Expands
The brewery boom isn't limited to San Francisco or even the inner Bay Area. Russian River Brewery, the equivalent of the Kaaba for beer fiends and the place outside of which your beer-obsessed friend sends you selfies at 6 a.m. when it's time for Pliny the Younger. According to Eater, the Santa Rosa brewery is going to open up a satellite location in Windsor to bleed pressure off its heavily visited production facility. This one will be a 90,000-square-foot monster, complete with a restaurant run by Adam Dulye (of Monk's Kettle), scheduled to open sometime in 2018.

SATURDAY: The Baked Bear Opens With Free Ice Cream Sandwiches
Might be mild, might be foggy; who cares? This Saturday, July 2, between 1-3 p.m., The Baked Bear will open its second location (303 Columbus) with another ice cream sandwich giveaway. Choose from more than a dozen flavors and a dozen cookies, like red velvet, funfetti, and white chocolate macadamia. Yes, you can get toppings, too. (They don't want to see any tears.)

Half-Price Wine Month at One Market
Starting this Friday, July 1, One Market will bring back 1/2 Price Wine Month, in which Sommelier and Wine Director Tonya Pitts singlehandedly hauls up some 200 bottles from the lower catacombs of her wine cellar and helps diners pair them with Chef Mark Dommen's menu. That's only a slight exaggeration, but half-off wine is nothing to sneeze at.

Jack Daniel's Comes Clean About Its Slavery Connection

How refreshing. Distillery tours of Jack Daniel's had, until now, omitted the fact that the guy who taught Daniel the art of making whiskey wasn't in fact a preacher and grocer named Dan Call, but one of his slaves, Nearis Green. While according to The New York Times, this inconvenient fact was never technically suppressed, it's taken until the company's sesquicentennial this year for them to be genuinely forthright about it: “Enslaved men not only made up the bulk of the distilling labor force, but they often played crucial skilled roles in the whiskey-making process. In the same way that white cookbook authors often appropriated recipes from their black cooks, white distillery owners took credit for the whiskey.”

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