Wednesday Nine: SoMa StrEat Food Park's Midwayville, Treasure Island Gets a Beer Beach

Plus Richie Nakano weighs in on a lot of stuff, Schroeder's auctions off some vintage steins, and Burger King jumps on the mac 'n' cheese craze.

[jump] Woods Island Club Hits Treasure Island July 9
Featuring a tasting room, a barrel-aging facility, and a beer beach full of sand and palms, Oakland's Woods Beer Co. will launch an outpost at Treasure Island's Clipper Cove called Woods Island Club. Look for Morpho, MateVeza IPA, and some brews you'll only find on-island in just a few weeks' time. (Incidentally, the press release announcing this cites Treasure Island's role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, standing in for the Berlin Airport in the scene where Harrison Ford and Sean Connery board a zeppelin. Gotta call Woods Beer out for being awesome on that.)

Richie Nakano Asks Why Aren't More Places Killing It?
In a Medium post that was originally published in Star Chefs, the uninhibited Richie Nakano (formerly of Hapa Ramen) inveighs against the bullshit crudding up the S.F. food scene. Read the whole three-minute read, but this is some food for thought: “Here’s where it gets messy: We gladly whored ourselves out to our wealthy new overlords. We took their money and created an unsustainable amount of new, high-concept restaurants amidst a sea of classics. When the challenges that are currently burying much of the industry started to show their teeth, many of us puffed our chests out and laughed. (Myself included.)
The painful lesson we learned is that we can’t operate on virtue.”

Local Mission Eatery Space Becomes Dum
Via Tablehopper and Inside Scoop, the space that was Local Mission Eatery until December (3111 24th St.) is now the brick-and-mortar location of “Indian soul food” truck Dum, now serving samosas (two for $7), lassis ($5), and lamb biryani ($15). 

“Midwayville” Turns SoMa StrEat Food Park Into Whimsical Burner-y Space Every Friday Through August
Starting June 24 at 7 p.m., a cast of 50 people will transform SoMa StrEat Food Park (428 11th St.) into a live-action video game-slash-immersive theatrical experience every Friday night through mid-summer, Hoodline reports. While Midwayville won't be like the British navy circa 1812 and forcibly impress people into service, it does seem like this will be quite the to-do. Tickets are $10-$15.

SATURDAY: Schroeder's Auctions Off Vintage Steins
Hoodline reports that, to clear some storage space in anticipation of Oktoberfest, Schroeder's (240 Front) will auction off some “decades-old” steins, starting at 4 p.m. Saturday, June 25 and running all night. (They're also selling $2 bottles of Underberg, the magical potion that makes over-full bellies instantly feel better.) Also on Saturday at 6 p.m., the 123-year-old German restaurant will team up with Lagunitas to serve a five-course, $75 “CollaBREWtive” dinner.

Anchor Distilling's Tasting Room Adds Extra Evening Slot
No surprise here: Demand for Old Potrero Straight Rye is high. The hour-long tours and tastings at Anchor Distilling (1705 Mariposa) fill up quickly, so they've added a third round, at 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, at $35 per person.

Californians Suing Starbucks For Under-filling Drinks
“The court finds it probable that a significant portion of the latte-consuming public could believe that a ‘Grande’ contains 16 ounces of fluid, measured without milk foam or in its cooled state,” writes a San Francisco judge. According to the New York Times, this suit is separate from the one a Chicago woman filed this spring accusing Starbucks of over-icing its cold beverages.

In-N-Out Is Not the Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in the Country, After All

According to Market Watch, t's one that's not exactly popular here in liberal coastal Northern California: Chick-fil-A. Maybe cause In-N-Out is still regional? It has to be that, right?

Burger King Launches Mac N' Cheetos

Time reports that it's just like it sounds, a giant Cheeto filled with mac 'n' cheese. Guilty pleasure? Fatally abhorrent? Somebody let me know.

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