Wednesday Nine: The Former Chino Will Soon Be Bar San Pancho

Plus Chris Cosentino and Padma Lakshmi reveal some demons, Sinbad's is absolutely totally gone this time, and the Mission might get a cooking school.

[jump] Bar San Pancho to Take Over Chino Space
I agree with Tablehopper that Chino's closure was sad, but as it was a project of the team behind Tacolicious, they're trying again with another Mexican concept. Bar San Pancho should open sometime in April, with a menu of hot wings, chile relleno tacos, and an “HamburQueso” (a chile con queso-stuffed burger). If you like cheladas and micheladas, there will be a Mexican pilsner by SF Brewing Co. 

Super Duper Looks to Expand in the Castro
The original Super Duper location — there are now 10 altogether, of which six are in S.F. — at 2300 Market St. is hoping to expand into the former check cashing store next door. Hoodline says that it's really all about the space, nothing more.

A Cooking School Grows in the Mission
I miss Tante Marie every time I watch the just-put-the-fucking-turkey-in-the-oven video, but hey look, Capp Street Crap reported that the Mission is getting a cooking school. Not yet named, the space at 2961 Mission St. will “offer courses, both sweet and savory, for children and adults and touch on everything from how to cut vegetables to making a fancy meal.” That is, if the owners run the permitting gauntlet.

The Organic Coup, the First USDA-Certified Organic Chain, Opening This Month
The boundaries of fast food continue to explode. Via Inside Scoop, The Organic Coup will open in the Rincon Center (101 Spear St.) later in March. It's the first fast-food chain to be certified organic, which almost feels like a no-brainer at this point. Most of the menu is chicken — Mary's Organic, natch — but there's also popcorn drizzled with caramel and popcorn on there, too.

Sinbad's Lost the Battle For Real This Time
The 40-year-old Embarcadero restaurant put up a hell of a fight, but Sinbad's is gone for real. Inside Scoop got a really sad mid-demolition picture.
Chris Cosentino Talks Candidly About Mental Health
Via Eater, this is truly a must-watch. The candor with which chef Chris Cosentino speaks about battling depression in the kitchen and on TV is extremely refreshing. No vaporous mumbo-jumbo here. “Sometimes you don't know yourself anymore,” Cosentino says. “I basically eradicated the nerves in my stomach. If your stomach's in turmoil, your brain is in turmoil. “My body wasn't producing serotonin and melatonin.”

Padma Lakshmi Has a Memoir Out
It's time for foodie celebs to open up, apparently. In Padma Lakshmi's new book, Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir, she discusses topics of a weightier nature than backstage chatter on Top Chef: namely, sexual abuse during her childhood.

Netflix Renews Chef's Table
Inside Scoop caught that Netflix has renewed Chef's Table, the docu-series by Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb. Season 2 will include Dominique Crenn and Grant Achatz of Chicago's famed Alinea.

National Review Exposes Trump Supplements
The house organ for highbrow conservatism, National Review, published a full issue condemning Donald Trump a couple months ago. Now it's looking into his weirder business ventures, including PrivaTest, “a urine test that would provide a scientific window into your personal biochemistry.” Duh, you can totally find out what vitamins you need from a quickie pee analysis. Ask any scientician!

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