Wednesday Seven: Is a SoMa Restaurant Connected to Illegal Jeb Bush Contributions?

Plus Jacques Pépin is coming to the Ferry Building next week, and Standard Deviant Brewing had so many people on opening night they had to be all like, “Hey, go drink whiskey next door, people.”

[jump] Is SoMa Restaurant Teo Tied to People Illegally Funding Jeb Bush's Presidential Campaign?
The Intercept, a muckraking journalistic outfit that takes on corruption, mass surveillance, and the military-industrial complex, turned its attention to Gordon Tang and Huaidan Chen, ethnically Chinese residents of Singapore who own a U.S. company called American Pacific International Capital (APIC) that donated $1.3 million to Right to Rise, a Super PAC affiliated with Gov. Jeb Bush, and $1,320 to “defray” costs of Mayor Ed Lee's recent junket to China. One of the people the reporter spoke to was Wilson Chen, Huaidan's brother. They conversed “over dinner in a new restaurant he opened in San Francisco’s SoMa district serving food from his native Chaozhou.” That sounds like Tēo, newly open in the Good Hotel, and it turns out that the restaurant and APIC share the same address, 1111 Mission St. In any case, The Intercept's investigation reveals multiple other donations, complex corporate structures, dubious real estate deals involving the former U.S. ambassador to China, and other means of influencing U.S. politics. (While focusing on someone's non-native-born status is a delicate matter in this period of intense xenophobia and white nationalism, the point is that it's illegal for foreign citizens and corporations to contribute to a U.S. presidential campaign.)

Standard Deviant Brewing Opens in the Mission
Two months after it was announced, Standard Deviant Brewing has opened at 280 14th St. According to Hoodline, the owners had such a crowd over the weekend that they resorted to telling people “they were serving whiskey next door, just so we could close.” Oh, and there's pinball.

Old Bus Tavern's Chef Departed a Week Ago
They had a Jerry Garcia-themed birthday party Monday night, but Inside Scoop reports opening chef Max Snyder left Old Bus Tavern (3193 Mission) nine days prior. The remaining back-of-house staff seems to be in place.

Jacques Pépin Comes to the Ferry Building Next Thursday
Pépin has won something like seven James Beard Awards, and he'll be doing a table demo using fresh produce from the Ferry Building Farmers Market next Thursday, Aug. 11, from noon to 1 p.m. with CUESA, with a book signing to follow at Sur La Table.

Will Fast-Casual Be Mid-Market's Savior?
The Business Times looks at the hard numbers underlying the rather unfortunate collapse occurring in and around Mid-Market, five years after the tax break the city extended to Twitter made it feasible to open ambitious restaurants in the neighborhood, and notes that lower-tier places are actually thriving. For every Cadence and Oro, there's a Show Dogs and a Flying Falafel. Given all the development scheduled to bring even more residents, the question might not be “Is Mid-Market a real neighborhood, capable of supporting so many high-end eateries?” but “Did everybody jump the gun?” (Also, one restaurant that the article neglected to mention but which is always a winner is Ananda Fuara, the vegetarian Indian place that's in the neighborhood's very center.)

Another Former East Bay Burgers Site for Sale
So sayeth Socketsite. It's at 4215 MacArthur Blvd. That sign, tho!

Bottled Water Will Outsell Soda for the First Time

Bloomberg reports that the average American will consume 27.4 gallons of bottled water this year, and 26.2 gallons of soda. That sounds like something to warm Michelle Obama's heart, until you realize that it's not so much because we've gotten wise to the deleterious effects of soda — although consumption fell to 30-year lows in 2015 — but because America is so full of lead contamination that millions of people are legitimately afraid to drink out of the tap. (Bottled water is also insanely expensive, and less than one-third of the packaging gets recycled.)

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