Wednesday Seven: Pre-Ground Blue Bottle Coffee

And don’t ask In-N-Out to add a veggie burger unless you want to enter a world of hurt.

Blue Bottle Moves Beyond Whole Beans, With Perfectly Ground

It sounds a little like a giant leap toward Folger’s Crystals, but Blue Bottle Coffee announced the existence of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground, the company’s first departure from whole beans. Available Oct. 4, this ready-to-brew coffee was developed from a partnership with Perfect Coffee, and it’s meant to prevent oxidation and the resulting loss in flavor. And just so you know, “no one can grind their beans at home to the standards that Blue Bottle is using with this technology,” or so this press release claims.

Cochon555 Throws a Late Nite Asian Speakeasy on Oct. 14

The former Tradesman space at 753 Alabama St. will soon play host to a Late Nite Asian Speakeasy Dinner on Friday, Oct. 14, as part of Cochon555’s Heritage BBQ (which will be held at Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing in Dogpatch). Hosted by chefs Tu David Phu, Tim Luym, Jacob Kwan-Rosenbush, and Shawn Naputi, the all-inclusive, multi-course meal combines Asian cuisine with craft cocktails as a benefit for porcine “genetic-sanctuary-in-the-making” Piggy Bank. Tickets are $85.

“Made in Oakland” Food and Fashion Event Is Oct. 6

To celebrate all the amazing edibles and styles found in Oakland, the city is partnering with financial nonprofit Kiva to present “Made in Oakland,” a get-together of some 45 vendors next Thursday, Oct. 6 from 4-7 p.m. in Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Wellington Wednesdays at Maybeck’s

Maybeck’s (3213 Scott), which was until recently known as Spaghetti Bros, is going all in on the Anglophilia with the introduction of Wellington Wednesdays, wherein chef  Erik Lowe will slice a dry-aged beef tenderloin from San Rafael’s Flannery Beef at 7 p.m. You have to reserve a table for between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. to get in on the action, which will run you $24 (including a side of creamed spinach and black truffle jus). Bully!

Want a Veggie Burger at In-N-Out? Be Ready to Get Treated Like Shit

Lord knows we poke a little fun at veganism from time to time, but damn, this is messed up. Noting that “veggie burgers are already quite popular at classic chains such as Burger King, Johnny Rockets, Denny’s, Ruby Tuesday, and White Castle,” an activist writing in the LA Times submitted a petition asking In-N-Out to do the same, and got trolled hard. Responses included rage from people who got mad that she asked this of a Christian-run business, plus accusations that it would lead to “a gender-free, multicultural safespace to cuddle in.”

It’s Time to #GuacTheVote

As continuing fallout from the #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner episode where a spokesman for Latinos For Trump maligned Mexican-American culture, ABC reports that eight taco trucks in Houston are functioning as voter registration booths.

Put Your Money Where Your Tequila Is

Jose Cuervo is going public, and Bloomberg reports that the IPO could be Mexico’s biggest in years.

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