Wednesday Six: Lazy Bear Gets Industrious, McDonald's Faceplants Twice, Sinbad's Last Voyage

And don't forget that occasional Twitter troll Patton Oswalt is still a master of the medium.

[jump] Lazy Bear Expands on Both Ends
Can't seem to get at ticket for Lazy Bear, no matter how industrious you are? (You're not alone.) Well, you can give it your best to procure a spot at Chef David Barzelay's “New Kids on the Block” benefit on Oct. 29, where he teams up with other superstar Mission chefs like Richie Nakano, Brett Cooper (Aster), Val Cunto (Californios), and James Syhabout (Hawker Fare). Tickets go on sale Friday, Oct. 16. At $315/person, it's not cheap, but maybe that will weed out those who are less determined than you!
New Kids on the Block, Thursday, Oct. 29 at Lazy Bear, 3416 19th St., 415-874-9921.

Additionally, according to Eater, Barzelay is working on some form of walk-in service with an a la carte menu instead of the predetermined courses. It's just the sensible thing to do when your restaurant blows up beyond your wildest imagining.

Sinbad's Eviction?
According to the Chronicle's Matier and Ross, the Sheriff's Department was set to evict Sinbad's at 11:30 this morning, that the Ferry Terminal might eventually expand. We called the office to verify but a spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny it. (This is standard practice for evictions, to protect deputies' personal safety from tenants who may be lying in wait, but it's curious that they would play coy for a commercial eviction that's been in the news for months.) 

El Sully Launch Party
21st Amendment Brewery is set to release a new Mexican-style lager called El Sully (presumably named for founder and brewmaster Shaun O'Sullivan), and they're having a party to celebrate at their Second Street pub next Friday, Oct 23. Expect mariachis, sombreros, and a menu full of “beer-itas” made with 21st Amendment's brews. We'll go out on a limb here and assume this will not be a room full of white people getting wasted with bandit mustaches haphazardly glued to their upper lip, but a thoughtful recognition of how genuinely awesome Mexican cuisine and culture are. Either way, the best metric for this beer's success will be how many fewer empty Tecates you count on the grass on Dolores Park on the first warm day next spring.
Friday, Oct. 23, 4 p.m. – closing, at 21st Amendment, 563 Second St.

Tres Tequila's 10th Anniversary
If that's not enough partying for you, SoMa's Tres Tequila Lounge & Mexican Kitchen is celebrating a decade of business and a newly remodeled cantina with an all-day fiesta on Friday, Oct. 23. Look for a rotisserie pig(!), a throwback menu, a Don Julia bar truck, tequila up the wazoo, and the TRES food truck. Its a benefit for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, too.
Tres Tequila Dia de Los Muertos 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, Friday, Oct. 23, 7-10 p.m., 130 Townsend St., 415-227-0500.

McDonald's Twofer
By now you may have heard that Mickey D's has taken infotainment to a new low, employing a former Iowa schoolteacher named John Cisna (who lost 37 pounds while eating nothing by McDonald's) as a paid shill to travel around the country speaking at schools. 540 Meals explicitly refutes Morgan Spurlock's 11-year-old documentary Super Size Me, and as Inside Scoop's Tara Duggan put it, “At best, it's sleazy; at worst, it's dangerous.”

Not to be outdone, the Haight-Ashbury McDonald's at 730 Stanyan St. reached an agreement with the City Attorney to pay a $40,000 fine for being a magnet for criminal activity, generating over 1,100 911 calls in less than four years, along with “arrests for sale and possession of LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, hashish, marijuana, and marijuana edibles as well as dozens of incidents involving fights, assaults, auto burglaries and even two dog attacks.” Now Dennis Herrera's staff can shift their attention to the Whole Foods across the street, which has been a hotbed of judging the contents of other people's shopping carts ever since it opened.

Democratic Debate
And lastly, Salon compiled Patton Oswalt's #DemocraticDebate tweetstorm last night. It's worth a read, but the funniest one is food-related.

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