We'll Never Have Ethical Meat Till We Have Urban Slaughterhouses

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

At Grist, Erik Hoffner grabs Q & A time with Patrick Martins, the guy who founded Slow Food USA in 2000, then left it to open Heritage Foods. Martins says what those of us once known to have left The Omnivore's Dilemma on the nightstand or back of the toilet tank semi-permanently, where we could absorb its lessons at leisure, key among them that we won't have truly clean meat until we develop a network of regional slaughterhouses near urban centers. Martins:

Investors in this country have failed to take the plunge and invest in slaughterhouses. They've been considered “risky” investments. I think part of this is the effect the vegetarian movement still has on us ― and PETA. What is sad is that while no investments are made, and while PETA and Paul McCartney expand their discourse, billions of animals are suffering at major slaughter factories. We are offering no alternative, while meekly avoiding the issue that Americans eat tons of meat a day. We eat it, so we have to deal with the issue. While major crimes against God's creatures are being committed, we are standing by because the solution is “too complicated.”

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