WesBurger N’ More Decides on a Drinks Menu

After having a party in which various restaurateurs and mixologists from the Greater Mission Metropolitan Area competed to see whose punch won the most fans, WesBurger N’ More has finally made some selections. The burgers for this brick-and-mortar — which evolved from Wes Rowe’s long-running pop-up at Mojo Bicycle Café — had been in the works for awhile, but there was much gnashing of teeth to get the “N’ More” part just right.

[jump] While you can crack open a Lone Star — a native-born Texan’s choice to pair with a big fatty burger on a hot afternoon — there is a Passion of the Wes from Benjamin Cooper (passion fruit syrup, barMatt bitters, Lofi sweet vermouth, Lofi gentian amaro, ginger beer, lime juice, and sparkling wine, topped with a sprig of oregano) for you to wash down that Hot Wes, and a Nochtitlan Punch from Loló (a tomatillo-cactus water that’s “a mix of a bunch of things,” Lofi dry vermouth, Firewater bitters, simple syrup, orange blossom water, and lime juice) to aid in the digestion of that Okie Burger.

If Lone Star ain’t your thing, but you really want a beer, you’ve got Allagash White, Fort Point Kolsch, Almanac Pilsner and more on draft, with Miller Lite, Fort Point Westphalia, and Victoria in bottles and cans.
Not looking to get wasted? How about a house-made cherry lime rickey (with optional Lofi sweet vermouth, in case you change your mind)? Rowe’s also got a buttermilk milkshake as well as a peanut butter milkshake — “one of my favorite things to say in the world,” Rowe says — and Lost Coast Brewery root beer on draft.

Yep, that means floats are happening soon.

WesBurger N’ More
2240 Mission St., 415-745-9371 or wesburgernmore.com

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