What 2009 Tasted Like in San Francisco: SFoodie's Countdown of the Top 10 Alternative Food Trends

Just 'cuz it's New Year's, when lists are as common as iPhone inboxes packed with morning-after sexts from guys whose names draw a total blank, here it is: our convenient summary of SFoodie's countdown of 2009 alternative foodie trends in San Francisco. It was a year marked by struggling restaurants, grassroots street-food energy, and an overall hunger for realness. What's up for 2010? SFoodie won't be shy about breaking it down for ya. Oh, and Happy New Year.

No. 10: Chefs as objects of desire

No. 9: Fear of busts dogs the underground food movement

No. 8: Bars and dining rooms make a play for woody authenticity

No. 7: Twitter changes the rules

No. 6: Beer gains luster

No. 5: Restaurants slash prices

No. 4: DIY in the kitchen

No. 3: Finding meaning in public butchery

No. 2: Losing faith in our chefs

No. 1: Coming together to eat

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