What Happens When You Stick 4505's Best Damn Cheeseburger in a Kronnerburger

If you read my SF Street Food Survival Guide, then last Saturday you came to Folsom Street with an eating itinerary (an “eatinerary,” if you will). And with well over 160 possible bites, the combinations and permutations of food pairings were endless.

As I was planning my own personal menu the night prior, I realized I had a difficult decision to make: 4505’s Best Damn Cheeseburger or a Kronnerburger? To a burger beginner, 4505 simply sounds better on paper. Even to a calculated expert, the smaller 4ish-ounce patty would’ve been the wiser option given the precious stomach space it would have saved during the 8-hour, mile-long feeding frenzy that was #sfsff. But to this ravenous, gluttonous, unabashed burger buff, the only choice was no choice: I had to have them both. Together. At once.

[jump] I grabbed a freshly grilled 4505 cheeseburger, then hurriedly walked (lightly jogged at points), zigzagging my way through crowds for three Folsom Street blocks to grab a Kronnerburger. It seemed like an eternity, that stretch — I didn’t want my burger to get cold. With each precious minute of uneaten burger, I assured myself I was giving the meat its ample time to rest.

I finally arrived at Kronnerburger, ordered, and then did the unspeakable: I stuck my best damn cheeseburger in between a Kronnerburger. Instinctively and intuitively, it just felt like the right thing to do. It was scandalous. And delicious.  

Seemingly carb-forward, the Best Damn Cheeseburger's buns were quite airy and added light layers of rich buttery goodness (they are called “butter buns,” after all). 4505's Ryan Farr’s red onions were a good foil to Chris Kronner’s grilled ones, and the alternating layers of iceberg provided a nice crunch in between all the salty, rare meat.

But given the option again, I’d prefer to have the two separately. Some things are better left in their natural form. No regrets here, though — I’d try anything once, and this was a once-in-a-lifetime mashup this burger slut will likely never experience again. 

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