What to Have for Lunch: Ceviche Tostada from Haltún

Friday, May 28, 2010

What was El Cachanilla is now Haltún, an unembellished slice of room in pumpkin-pie orange. The menu reads like a syllabus for an advanced seminar in Yucatecan cooking: pan de cazón, poc-chuc, pol-can. If you're craving something lighter, a dish that evokes the bleached turquoise waters off Isla Mujeres, pop for the mixed ceviche tostada: stiffened octopus tentacles, hunks of big shrimp, and fish chunks, all jumbled up in the tomato-onion-cilantro matrix that's Mexico's national treasure. All it needs, apart from a squeeze of lemon, are dribbles from the Mayan table salsas. Warning: The red onion and habañero relish is wicked. Apply liberally.

Haltún Mayan Cuisine 2948 21st St. (at Treat)

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