What to Have for Lunch Today: Wonton Soup at King Wonton & Noodle

Tues., April 6, 2010

Just as a bowl of chicken noodle soup will combat the fiercest winter cold, and pho dac biet will cure any hangover Maker's Mark has ever inflicted, King Wonton's chicken broth with you mein will redeem the bleariest of ennuis. Coworker drama, teething toddlers, a soupçon of heartbreak ― nothing can withstand a half hour spent slurping these thread-thin, wavy wheat noodles. You vacuum up a hank of golden strands: They slither and slip, broth misting around your lips. You chew: They crunch. The shrimp wontons, each the size of a golf ball, pop and spurt with every bite. The bowl may be monochromatic, but the texture is kaleidoscopic.

King Wonton & Noodle 1936 Irving (at 20th Ave.), 682-9813

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