Where Do I Take A Dozen People for Brunch This Weekend?

This week, I'm relaunching SFoodie's “Ask the Critic” column: real dining questions for real San Franciscans. Do you have questions about cheap restaurants, unfamiliar cuisines, dating someone with dietary restrictions, or things you're too shy to

ask your foodie friends about? I promise honest answers ― and if I don't know offhand, I'm not afraid to make a few phone calls. Hit me up at jonathan.kauffman@sfweekly.com.

This week is the second time this month I've answered the following question. From G.G.:

I have to plan a Sunday brunch with a dozen people, including kids. Any ideas for some place that might accommodate such a monstrous party? Not dim

sum ― we did that last time.

Large groups, I'm sorry to say, are hellish for both restaurants and customers. Someone's always late, someone never pays enough, and everyone has special needs. Brunch already inspires people to wait long past their tolerance level, and so the last place you want to go to is to a well-known brunch spot like Mama's, Boogaloos, or Brenda's. 

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