Where to Find the Sold-Out La Croix-Inspired Beer

SF Beer Week sensation sold out quickly, but here are a few places you can still find the La Croix beer tribute La Fizz from Temescal Brewing.

Crowds went Croix-zy Tuesday night for the La Croix Pamplemousse-inspired ale La Fizz can release in Oakland. Around 30 people were lined up for the 4 p.m. Tuesday opening at Temescal Brewing, and the crowd just kept getting larger until the limited-edition La Fizz six-packs were all sold out.  

But don’t give up hope, beer and La Croix fans! You can still get this beer on tap (while it lasts!) at the Temescal Brewing taproom. La Fizz is also scheduled to arrive at these few retail locations, where the limited edition six-packs will be available while supplies last:

You should call first before visiting to determine whether the store has La Fizz in stock!

La Fizz cans feature a pink-and-blue pastel exterior design color scheme that’s similar to La Croix. “We tried to mimic a similar font and writing on the can,” Temescal Brewing owner Sam Gilbert tells SF Weekly. “ In our case, we didn’t call it ‘grapefruit-flavored,’ but a ‘grapefruit zest-infused beer.’”

And of course, the can says “Some calories” in place of La Croix’s signature “No Calories.”

SF Weekly did an A/B test with a can of La Croix Pamplemousse in one hand and a pint of Temescal Brewing’s La Fizz in the other. The La Fizz beer version is actually sweeter and tastier, less filling and less likely to make you burpy.

La Fizz does a nicer job at hitting the grapefruit notes than its sparkling soda counterpart. This 3.8-percent ABV beer has little foam and very light head retention. It’s light-bodied and low in alcohol, and the fruity, effervescent taste (the grapefruits are straight from from Berkeley Bowl) has virtually no hint of malt.

Image:Temescal Brewing

A few dozen can-shaped pint glasses were available at Tuesday’s can release, but those babies also sold out within a half-hour.

Gilbert wanted to create an SF Beer Week beer that goes against the grain.

“Everyone flexes their muscles on big imperial stouts and barrel-aged monsters,” he said. “We wanted to go the exact opposite direction and put out a 3.8 percent [ABV] crisp, light, sparkling ale.”

La Croix is not the only food and beverage craze that Temescal Brewing has cleverly jumped on. In addition to the La Croix-inspired La Fizz, the taproom also  serves a double scotch ale called Four Dollar Toast.

La Fizz pamplemousse sparkling ale is available in six-packs at the stores named above, and on tap at Temescal Brewing, 4115 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 510-899-5628 or temescalbrewing.com

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