Where to Satisfy Your Bieber-Like Fever for Maple Syrup in S.F.

So massive is pop tartlet Justin Bieber's Twitter following that the local tech company had to alter the algorithms of how their trending topics are determined this past spring. But even that hasn't been enough to keep the 16-year-old from frequently dominating the site. Even his most trivial musings, like this week's apparently extreme enjoyment of maple syrup, end up at the top of the Twitter heap.

Now, we assure you that we don't have Bieber fever, but we agree: Maple syrup is awesome. We love how it offers a subtle, lingering feel in Sweet Revolutions organic maple honey caramels, how it makes a nutty foil in Polly Ann's maple walnut ice cream, and a meaty one in DeLise Dessert Cafe's maple bacon scone.

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