Which Local Restaurants Deserve More Pimping? Which Ones Less?

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Buzz kill: It's been circulating around the food blogs like a back issue of Juggs (NSFW link) at boarding school: Marcia Gagliardi's participatory list of under- and overrated local eateries, compiled during a recent Tablehopper book signing at 18 Reasons. We're especially fond of the marginalia registering dissent (“disagree” scrawled next to Flour + Water in the over it column) or clarifications (Papalote's salsa warrants an exclamation point, even if its burritos are deemed overhyped). What do you think? What places deserve more praise, or less? And who determines what gets plugged in the first place? PR flacks? Yelpers? Bauer? Guys like us?

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