Whiskies of the World Takes Port in S.F.

Where: SF Belle, Hornblower Yacht (remains docked), Pier 3 Embarcadero

When: Sat., April 6th, 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Cost: $120, tickets available online

The Rundown: Perhaps it's a reaction to the Atkins Diet era, a slingshot effect that took our national focus from avoidance of grain products to a fetishistic lust for them. There is a new wave of craft beers, bakeries, and whiskies that wasn't there three or four years ago. While getting into new beers and baked goods doesn't require more of a guide than your taste buds, whisk(e)y with its the orbit of fanatical fans, high price tags, and challenging flavors, can seem a little daunting. But you can take yourself to whisk(e)y school next weekend at Whiskies of the World.

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