WhiskyFest's Arrival Gives Us Wood (Oak, That Is)

Where: Marriot Hotel, 55 Fourth St (at Mission)
When: Fri., Oct. 7, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Cost: $135 online, VIP tickets sold out

The rundown: Whisk(e)y often carries with it an unnecessary intimidation factor from the vast amount of details fans and producers of the spirit like to discuss: the types of wood, geography, age, grains, blending, and even the name–whisky or whiskey?

Thankfully Malt Advocate's fifth annual San Francisco WhiskyFest is accessible to all enthusiasts, from beginners to hardcore malt-heads with educational seminars covering the basics and beyond. It's also a great venue to explore the different styles and expressions that distilled grains can produce. Assembling the largest collection of Scotch, Irish, American, Japanese, Indian, Canadian, and other spirits from around the world, the event also features the opportunity to discuss the products with many of the folks actually making them. It's a chance to learn about various categories and savor the differences side-by-side.

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