Why Choosy Hippies Won't Be Choosing Whole Foods Peanut Butter

Our favorite morsel from the Web.

Whole Foods turned Tom Philpott's peanut butter to shit. The Grist food editor ― hippie-like ― usually grinds his own at the kind of nut mulchers Rainbow has. Dump in goobers, and the shiny paste wiggles out the bottom and into the crock you brought from home. But, says Philpott, the odd sale gets him to buy the pre-ground, so-called natural stuff, the kind with and inch of peanut oil on the top that's impossible to mix without making it sluice down the sides of the jar.

Recently though, Philpott bought a jar of the Whole Foods house brand, 365, only to find it whipped and homogenized and sweetened like a tub of Jif. The offending additives: palm oil, salt, and sugar, albeit pure-cane organic. Cue the outraged WTF:

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