Why Doesn't Ike's Place Just Move Out of the Castro?

With the possibility of eviction looming, and relations with a handful of neighbors that owner Ike Shehadeh calls straight-up harassment, why doesn't Ike's Place just move on from 16th Street? Simple ― it can't.

Shehadeh says he's stuck ― he simply doesn't have the cash to move, much less to deal with steep legal fees expected to mount with any court challenge.

“If this Ike's Place is not here and isn't making money, then there's no Ike's Place,” Shehadeh says.

On Monday, Shehadeh went to court to see if he could the eviction from landlord Denman Drobisch thrown out. The plea was denied. Shehadeh has a few more days to answer the complaint, which, unless Shehadeh decides to shut down Ike's, will almost surely mean going to trial. The problem with that scenario, Shehadeh says, is that he doesn't have the cash to pay the legal fees. “There's not much more than a handful of dollars,” he says.


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