Why We Heart Scanwiches

Since 2008, John Chonko's blog Scanwiches has been making us laugh. His beautiful scans of sandwich cross-sections against black backgrounds sometimes look like edible cathedral windows, but in his singular, unwavering focus — just sandwiches, run through a scanner, with no commentary aside from brief captions — we've always sensed a mild, straight-faced rebellion in the face of office drudgery. We can imagine ourselves, five years ago, cautiously walking down a 30th floor hallway in a tall building in the Financial District to an isolated scanner, paper-wrapped Toaster Oven smoked turkey in hand, eager to glean a small chuckle. The blog's design is clean and austere; it mirrors the scanner's honest, simple mission: to offer “scans of sandwiches for education and delight”.

In September, a few months removed from some biting accusations of fraud, Scanwiches reported it had been invited to ROFLCon II, a major Internet culture conference set to take place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in April 2010. We think Chonko should come west and scan some San Francisco specials — a wet torta from Los Picudos, a shawarma from Old Jerusalem, maybe the drippy pork belly bocadillo at Contigo. Any other ideas?

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