Will Andrew Zimmern Show Up at Sunday's Precita Birthday Bash for Adobo Hobo?

Against the glamour of the wrapped food truck, the humble cart ― not to mention the folding table ― seems human-sized. That can only add to the intimacy of Sunday's birthday party for charter members of the Mission's new-school vendors the Gumbo Man, Adobo Hobo, and the Chai Cart, all celebrating their one-year anniversary in Precita Park, even if a demi-star of basic cable chooses to show.

Joining the birthday hawkers: Magic Curry Kart, the don of last summer's street-food explosion, along with Chile Lindo, Sweet Constructions, and a handful of newer vendors (SF Delicious Chef, Mad4Madeleines, Mali Num Num), plus the debut of Mr. Arroz Caldo. And though it's an unconfirmed rumor, the street (well, Twitter and Facebook) is buzzing with the possibility of a production crew for the Travel Channel taping an episode of Appetite for Life. That's the experiential, on the road food show, with Andrew Zimmern serving as a shaven-headed Bourdain-Fieri hybrid, skilled at mugging.

Even if Zimmern ends up feeling like a party crasher, really: What's a birthday party without home movies? The party in Precita goes down Sunday, August 1, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

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