Will California Join San Francisco in Banning Styrofoam Takeout Containers?

According to an AP story published in the SF Chronicle today, state senator Alan Lowenthal has just introduced a bill that would ban polystyrene takeout containers — aka Styrofoam — in California state. SB 568, which passed the Senate in June and is in the Assembly, would take effect on January 1, 2016, and exempted would be any city that creates a Styrofoam recycling program.

While opponents claim that the Styrofoam ban will harm California companies that manufacture polystyrene and add on to restaurants' operating costs, the Bay Area says: Uh, what were you waiting for? Berkeley banned Styrofoam 20 years ago, and San Francisco and Oakland followed suit in 2007. Heckle all you like, haters, but we're ahead of the movement again. Now can we get someone to introduce Healthy California?

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