William Shatner Really Doesn't Want You to Fry Your Turkey the Wrong Way

Apparently, State Farm Insurance is so sick of paying out for fire damage from deep-fried turkey disasters that it's pouring thousands of dollars into a public-info campaign starring William Shatner, the schlockmaster whose gift for inappropriately melodramatic pauses still makes Alec Baldwin look like an eager schoolboy.

“I want a moister, tastier, turkey,” Shatner intones at the beginning of “Eat, Fry, Love”, State Farm's new YouTube video (posted after the jump). Then he sucks down a G&T and plops a giant bird carcass into an full stockpot of oil, setting himself on CG fire. 

State Farm has also posted a second video with Shatner's fried-turkey cooking tips (apparently, his love for moister and tastier was more potent that the pain and scarring) and footage of deep-fryer fires that will awe your six-year-old.

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