Wine of the Week: Champagne-Quality Bubbles from Norcal

One of our standbys for high-quality, locally-sourced,

reasonably-priced bubbles is Schramsberg.  Schramsberg stands out, with a few others, as a producer that doesn't merely mimic the method of Champagne (Methode Champenoise), but actually approach or equal the quality of houses from sparkling wines place of birth.

As in France, under the Methode, wine is fermented and aged in bottle, stored in natural caves, and hand riddled (rotated to allow the sediment to settle in the bottle as it ages).  The labor and capital intensive efforts deliver some outstanding wines, and there are two that

consistently stand out for price-to-value. Their Blanc De Blancs and

their Blanc De Noirs.


Tip:  While the literal translation from french is “white of whites” and

“white of blacks” respectively, the only thing you need to know to demonstrate your

wine expertise is that Des Blancs (meaning “of white”) is made entirely

from Chardonnay grapes, while Des Noirs is made from Pinot Noir.

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