Wine, Street Food, and Anti-Wine Bar DJs Planned for Outside In 4 at Heart

The Pinoy edition of street food and music party Outside In 3 drew approximately 1,500 people to Mink Bar in Daly City last weekend, according to that event's co-organizer Mixsterious. And we believe it, because it was rammed full during our two-hour tenure in the gluttonous trenches there.

At current count, there are 18 food vendors scheduled to sell at Outside In 4, and renegade wine/art bar Heart (which will host alongside Soul Cocina and Kitchenette) plans to have a suggested wine pairing for each one. We're not sure how that will work in the case of, say, the Egg Cream Cart, but we suspect more than a few people are going to roll with it, clinking their mason jars in support.

DJ B. Cause, DJ Concerned, and this bass-loving blogger will give you the beats to go along with the eats, and we've been instructed to play “anti-wine bar music.” In our case, we're already digging in our crates of vinyl for the best in bone-rattling Westside, East Coast, and especially Dirty South goodness.

Find the full food skinny, a video from Outside In 3, and event details after the jump.

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