Yeast Affliction! SF Food Wars Wants Your Artisan Bread for a Bakedown

This month, SF Food Wars is all about Yeast Affliction! But don't worry, it isn't contagious, it's simply a yeasted artisan bread bakedown.

The shameless celebration of carbs goes down at noon on Sunday, Jan. 31, at Thirsty Bear (661 Howard at Hawthorne). The $14 admission includes a beer; Thirsty Bear will also offer $4 draft specials. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, Jan. 13, at noon. Caution: SF Food Wars devotees are serious as rock fans about these battles; the last one sold out in about five minutes.

Those who might actually want to enter instead of just soaking up big hunks of bread with big mugs of beer should hop to it and answer the call for competitors immediately. Space is limited to 20 contestants and the decision as to what teams will play will be made in a few days.

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