You Can Now Get General Tso's Chicken in Beijing

Now that you can find American-style sushi in Tokyo and chai lattes in Milan, why not chop suey and General Tso's chicken in Beijing? (Side note: You realize those aren't actual Chinese dishes, don't you?)

According to Newsweek, a number of entrepreneurs, some of them Chinese nationals who have worked in American restaurants and then returned to their home country, are bringing Chinese-American food to China. A woman named Shi Nana is trying, with middling success, to sell fortune cookies in the Chinese capital, while restaurateur Lu Wentou's Lobster House serves sesame chicken and Mongolian beef. (Again: see above aside.) Even Panda Express, Newsweek reports, is considering expanding to China. Panda Express!

After a culinary mind-bender like that, what could be next? American restaurants serving Japanese interpretations of hamburgers? Too late…

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