Your Friday Morning Pre-Party: Sharon Jones, Hunter S. Thompson, Bob Dylan

Oh, god, we ate too much turkey, and now we feel like fat land whales. Blegh. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth. Today's pre-party will be chill, because we don't have any room in our thorax for air, let alone booze. I'm your host, Web Editor David Downs. Please take off your shoes.

First off, a pre-party needs some music and entertainment! Let's start with 100 Days, 100 Nights by Sharon Jones (she will be in our print edition on 11.28), plus some video of Hunter S. Thompson, in honor of our book review of Gonzo this week.

There. That's better. Ok. We start off the Pre-Party by reflecting on all that we are thankful for.

— We're thankful for the new Bob Dylan 3-CD set Dylan — which we reviewed here.

— We're thankful we live in America, where you can say whatever the fuck you want, unlike China, which bans blogs. (Or Armenia and Turkey, which both hate dissent.)

— And lastly, we're thankful for our new food blog, SFoodie. Stuffing our fat fucking faces with food might be the best way to squander these child-less days on this trashy planet Earth. Here's to keeping it local, seasonal and organic online and in our distended bellies.

Upcoming, SF Weekly will be attending Band of Horses at the Fillmore, Why? at 21 Grand, Let It Snow at the Phoenix, and Tori Amos at the 'Mount.

And lastly, we raise a BURP to all the commenters worldwide that made our Slacker Guys and Striver Girls story the Most Commented, alongside Burning Man Arsonist Paul Addis' backstory.


David Downs

Your Friday morning pre-party kicks off every Friday morning around 8 a.m. Because we are lushes. Send us your pics, videos, mp3s, events, and links if you want to be part of the party. If not, that's your bad.)

“Communist Party” Photo Courtesy of Threadless

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