Your Friday Morning Pre-Party: Tegan & Sarah, Tori Amos, and Tool

Arrg. My head! It's like an ice pick behind my eyes! Did I really drink Jack Daniels for dinner last night at our Holiday Party? Yes, yes I did. So much Jack that our tasty sponsor ran out of his signature hooch. Every Holiday Party ends like this. But at least I didn't punch a supervisor or turkey slap a waitress. This Pre-Party is going to be late and short, on account of this berzerker party season in full swing. I'm your naked, cold, unbalanaced host, Web Editor David Downs. As usual, we begin the Pre-Party with some cool new tunes and a funny quick video. The tunes come from Oakland soul legend Darondo, off of the Ubiquity label, who'll be in our print edition next week. Prepare for the fucking dopeness.

Now the video — A local hipster spoof of the track bike phenomenon — Fixed Push Skateboarding. “Just get pushing, bro.” That was way better than you people deserve. Now, for the look back at the week: –LastNight: Tegan & Sara made us show them our asses. Dirty birds. –Matt Smith busted an Examiner blogger plagiarizing –And Matt Smith busted some Armenian scammers for betting on old people dying. –Lastly, noted music non-critic Margaret Cho shared her favorite albums of 2007. Upcoming this week, SF Weekly brings back pictures and reportage from:

Santarchy Tori Amos at Paramount tonight Bizarre Bazaar this weekend Andrew Bird this weekend Prefuse 73 this weekend and Tool next week

Plus we're running a lewd X-Mas Gift Guide Wednesday called the “12 Dildos of Christmas”. So you got that going for you, which is nice. And lastly, we raise a middle finger to all the commenters worldwide that made our Kings of Commenting so entertaining. I wish all the fiber-optic line in SF was emo, so it could cut itself. Then we'd be done with this shit once and for all. Ciao, David Downs Your Friday morning pre-party kicks off every Friday morning around 8 a.m. (unless we're vomiting that early). Send us your pics, videos, mp3s, events, and links if you want to be part of the party. If not, that's your bad.) “Communist Party” Photo Courtesy of Threadless

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