Your Tonga Room News Roundup: What Does It All Mean?

It seems odd that the Fairmont wants to close the Tonga Room just as neo-neo-tiki is blowing up in artisan-cocktail circles. (Today, for instance, the New York Times reported on the opening of yet another rum bar.)

Though it has been a while since we've been to a birthday party at the Tonga Room, and a few decades since we ordered anything to eat. But that's not important! We are San Franciscans and we love the Tonga Room! The memory of those drunken tourists groovin' to Gloria Estefan covers on the pirate ship while the thunder roars and we snickered on the sidelines is always in our hearts.

Have we saved it? Is it doomed? Is the decor going to be sold off to the Hanoi Metropol, where other tourists will enjoy it even more? The reports are conflicting. Read through them all and report back:

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