Zero Zero’s Frozen Pizza is a Restaurant-Level Dinner at Home

San Francisco pizzeria proves a frozen pie can be truly delicious.

Picking out a frozen pizza can be a complicated process, especially if you’re keen on sidestepping the rubbery cheese and spongy crusts of the popular brands commonly found in supermarkets. And while there are plenty of listicles online breaking down which pies are worth buying, you can skip them all, because the gourmet frozen pizza you’ve been looking for is on Zero Zero’s to-go menu.

Available on their website or from local grocers, like Luke’s Local, the Zero Zero frozen pizza comes in three varieties: the classic margherita ($15.95), the Fillmore ($19.95), and the Castro ($21.95). Each pie is flash frozen to preserve its perfection, and you can keep each in your freezer for until you’re ready to cook. The Fillmore is topped with mushrooms, leeks, and garlic thyme, while the Castro is something of a meat-lover’s delight, baked with sopressata, homemade sausage and basil. 

But the pizza that we tried and verified is the margherita — an easy go-to option for picky eaters and pizza enthusiasts alike.

On a recent evening, I reheated my margherita pizza by plopping it on a 9×13-inch sheet pan. It was a tight squeeze — and of course, a pizza stone would have been a better alternative — but any trivial concerns I had over the aesthetics of a lopsided pizza vanished the moment I opened the oven door and saw all that bubbly cheese and crispy crust.

Photo by Grace Z. Li

Zero Zero’s frozen pizza tastes exactly like what I’d expect to have while at a sit-down restaurant, pulling slices from a metal pedestal with friends. And because that pre-2020 scenario is not an option right now, pulling a frozen pizza out of my freezer is the next best thing. It’s even preferable, on days when my energy to cook or salvage soggy leftovers from the night before is at a low. All you have to do is thaw the pizza in a warm place while you preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and bake it for three minutes. 

Of course, if you’re already ordering from Zero Zero, you might as well throw in a few to-go cocktails or a side. Zero Zero offers Manhattans and Negronis in a bottle ($20 for two drinks) and a caesar salad ($13.50) made with sweet, fresh hearts of romaine and decorated with well-seasoned torn garlic croutons. (If you let the dressing soak into the salad for a minute before eating, the croutons get soft — not soggy — while maintaining their crispy edges.)

For dessert, I’d suggest trying their tiramisu ($11) at least once. It comes in a generous slice, with even, distinct layers of fluffy sponge cake and mascarpone drenched in a slightly-acidic espresso and dark rum. You could absolutely split one slice between two — even three — people, but I ate the whole thing in one go.

Zero Zero, 826 Folsom St.


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