2017 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour

The Roxie's annual festival includes Peter Huang's five-minute-long "5 Films About Technology," which is more entertaining than an entire season of "Black Mirror."

The annual Oscar-Nominated Short Films program is usually pretty good, but by definition, only one of those will go on to be Oscar-winning. Despite the gaucheness of including the word “Film” twice in the program title, the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour is all the good stuff. The highlight may well be the dreamlike, 17-minute Come Swim, directed by Kristen Stewart. Yes, that Kristen Stewart, the one who’s a far better actor than you’re probably willing to give her credit for because of Twilight. (See also: Pattinson, Robert.) Here, she proves to be a formidable presence behind the camera as well with this impressionistic tale of a man’s tricky relationship with hydration.

Also of note is Peter Huang’s 5-minute 5 Films About Technology, which is more entertaining than a whole season of Black Mirror and has an official description we couldn’t improve upon if we tried: “Take a satirical look at the dumber side of technology.” Meanwhile, Renata Gasiorowska’s 9-minute animated Pussy follows a young woman whose attempt at an evening’s self-pleasure goes awry. And in Francisca Alegría’s And the Whole Sky Fit in the Dead Cow’s Eye, the appearance of 55 dead cows in her village is just the start of a very strange and supernatural day for an elderly Chilean woman.

Opens Friday at the Roxie Theater.

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