62nd San Francisco International Film Festival (Week Two)

Many films from all over our planet, and some about its controversial past.

The second big week of the 62nd San Francisco International Film Festival brings many films from far-flung locales to our shores — and even offers a good reason to cross the Bay, as outlandish as that may sound. Alejandro Landes’ dreamlike war film Monos is bolstered by the music of Micah Levi, whose score for Under the Skin was the best part of that somewhat overpraised film. Speaking of surreal images set to great music, Theresa Wayman and Stella Mozgawa of the L.A. band Warpaint provide live music for four of Maya Deren’s short films, including her unimpeachable 1944 Meshes of the Afternoon.

The score by HTRK is also among the interesting elements in Jeffrey Peixoto’s Over the Rainbow, in which past and present members of the Church of Scientology tell their stories. A somehow more depressing dispatch from the War on Brains is Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross  documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs, which looks at the “Ark Encounter” museum in Kentucky that purports to feature all the animals on Noah’s 300-cubit vessel, including — sigh — dinosaurs. And over in Berkeley, you shouldn’t miss a rare 35mm screening of James Marsh’s wonderfully unsettling 1999 documentary Wisconsin Death Trip — based on a book that, it must be said, is just begging for the prestige-series treatment.

Now playing at the Castro Theatre, the Vogue Theatre, the Children’s Creativity Museum, the Walt Disney Family Museum, the Dolby Cinema, the YBCA Screening Room, SFMOMA, the Roxie Theater, the Victoria Theatre, the BAMPFA, and the SFFILM FilmHouse.


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