A Floating Theater is Coming to San Francisco

You’ll literally be able to watch a movie on the water — all while social distancing.

It’s not the same as sitting shoulder to shoulder in a dark theater, but that’s probably the point. The floating cinemas that made — ahem… waves — in Paris are coming to the San Francisco Bay Area from Sept. 2 to 6.

The nautical theater will be hosted on the bay, though we’re not sure exactly where. There will be 12 to 24 boats that can hold up to 8 people each. You’ll have to book the whole boat in order to attend. That way, attendees can keep their six-foot safety radius to household members only.

Floating Cinema hasn’t released a movie lineup yet, but they promise “a mix of golden oldies and new releases.” You can pre-register for the event now to be notified when the tickets actually go on sale.

It’s definitely a creative way of combating shelter-in-place antsiness. And, this may be the closest the Bay Area will get to seeing a movie on the big screen for the foreseeable future. And, as a bonus, there’ll be free popcorn!

Read about the history of the drive-in here.

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