“Blue Exorcist”: Japan's Prolonged Demon Problem

Blue Exorcist Atsushi Takahashi's anime Blue Exorcist is based on the TV series of the same name, and unlike feature adaptations of American shows (the recent My Little Pony: Equestria Girls comes to mind), Blue Exorcist is not especially concerned with bringing newcomers up to speed with its world. The world in question is a Japan besieged by demons, the primary defense against which is an order known as Exorcists, and our protagonist is an up-and-coming young Exorcist by the name of Rin. He's also the son of Satan — a seemingly salient detail that's treated as no big deal, not factoring into the plot beyond Rin having fangs and a really boss tail. Presumably these things have been covered in more detail in the series, as well as the spooky concept of demonic trains taking captured souls into Gehenna, but most of that is brushed aside in favor of the relationship between Rin and an adorable moppet-demon, with many characters popping up for appearances that probably seem a lot less random to those versed in the show's lore. Not breaking ground as an anime, Blue Exorcist is yet another movie about boys learning what it means to be brothers, though fans of the show will probably enjoy seeing that one busty redhead with the propensity for bikini tops.

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