10th Annual Disposable Film Festival

Don't just toss it out!

What with entropy leading to the eventual heat death of the universe, all film is disposable — yep, even your favorite movie. But only the Disposable Film Festival embraces impermanence. Debuting six months after the first iPhone was released, the festival initially emphasized how digital consumer technology lowered the bar to filmmaking. Now that practically everyone has a camera in their pocket whether they want one or not, the focus has shifted to “discovering and tapping into innovation in storytelling techniques.” The larger organizations are catching up — hence the Oscars nominating 360-degree, virtual-reality Pearl for Best Animated Short — but the DFF has always been on the bleeding edge, considering the 2014 Festival featured a film shot on Google Glass. Boo! Hiss! (We still hate Google Glass, right?) Individual films playing in this year’s Festival have not been announced, but the best of the year’s disposable short films will be shown at the Castro on opening night. Should the Castro’s selection of noms feel insufficient, food trucks will cater the Food + Film Screening Under the Stars program at Proxy SF, Hayes Valley’s outdoor movie screening area. And if you want to do some good in these deeply stupid times, the Citizen Journalism Workshop will teach the basics of telling stories from the ground.

10th Annual Disposable Film Festival
Opens Thursday at the Castro Theater and Proxy SF.

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