Cine+Más San Francisco Latino Film Festival

Happening in five venues around town, including the Roxie and the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission, the Cine+Más San Francisco Latino Film Festival showcases the work of emerging and established filmmakers from the United States, Mexico, Spain, and several other countries (including The Netherlands and Qatar!). There are narrative features, documentaries, and short subjects, all shown in their original languages with English subtitles as appropriate, and the occasional English-language film with Spanish subtitles. The opening night spectacular is the Chilean romantic comedy Alma, by director Diego Rougier, about a bipolar woman (Javiera Contador) who kicks her unsupportive husband (Fernando Larraín) out of the house, and his attempts to win her back. (And let’s take a moment to appreciate a film festival that knows it’s OK to start off with a fun movie instead of an “important” one.) On the darker end of the spectrum is Harold Trompetero’s Colombian film Perros, starring John Leguizamo in his more intense mode as a farmer thrown into a brutal prison who finds solace and humanity through his friendship with the prison dog. And of local interest is the documentary Craving Cuba by Bay Area filmmakers Zuzy Martin Lynch and Rick Lynch, about the complicated relationship many Cuban-Americans have with their native country, and how Obama’s lifting of the travel ban changed everything.

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