Endless Poetry

The second in Alejandro Jodorowsky's five-film autobiographical

Picking up where his 2014 The Dance of Reality left off, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry is the second in his proposed five-film autobiographical cycle — and it’ll be a neat trick if he pulls it off, considering that Jodorowsky is 88 years old. Poetry finds the now 20-year-old Alejandro (Adan, both Jodorowsky’s youngest son and a dead ringer for Andy Samberg) as he strikes out on his own to become a poet in Chile’s bohemian underground against the wishes of his stern, Stalin-wannabe father Jaime (Brontis, Jodorowsky’s oldest son) and his loving, always-singing mother Sara (Pamela Flores). The octogenarian Jodorowsky appears as himself to offer guidance to his young avatar.

Where Reality split its narrative between the preteen Alejandro and Jaime, in Endless Poetry, the latter finds himself relegated to an extended cameo while Alejandro’s parental issues are expressed by his intense relationship with fire-haired poetess Stella, played by the same actress as his mother. And while it’s all gloriously batshit in that uniquely Jodorowskian way, the picture ends with quite possibly the most unapologetically heart-on-sleeve climax in the old coot’s canon. The simultaneous revelation and shame of Endless Poetry is that this first collaboration between Jodorowsky and equally legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle didn’t occur until the post-celluloid era, but they still manage to find visual poetry in digital video.

Endless Poetry
Not rated.
Opens Friday at the Opera Plaza Cinema.

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