Frameline 41, Week 1

The lowdown on what's queer and ticket-worthy at this year's Frameline.

Target currently has an entire section of Pride-related items, including a shirt with a rainbow-hued cat wearing glasses and a bowtie with the caption “GAY PURRIDE.” As you wrap your brain around that, the first week of 41st Frameline Film Festival offers plenty of queer moving images to wrap your eyes around. After Vito, I Am Divine and Tab Hunter Confidential, director Jeffrey Schwarz continues his inverse triangle of documentaries about notable queer film luminaries with The Fabulous Life of Allan Carr, the categorically flamboyant producer who experienced major success in 1978 with Grease and the opposite with Can’t Stop the Music in 1980. (Though she was in Music, Trump voter Caitlyn Jenner is thankfully not among those interviewed in Carr.)

A figure who could also be called “flamboyant” in the darkest way possible is examined in Marc Meyers’ narrative, My Friend Dahmer, based on Derf Backderf’s graphic-novel memoir of attending high school with the soon-to-be notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (Disney Channel fixture Ross Lynch) in an Ohio suburb. Meanwhile, Josh Howard’s documentary The Lavender Scare looks back on the aftermath of President Eisenhower’s 1953 executive order barring queers from working in the government. At least it only took six decades before major department stores could sell punny shirts with kitties condoning the homosexual lifestyle.

Frameline 41, Week 1
Open Thursday at the Castro, Roxie, and Victoria Theatres.

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