Frameline 41, Week 2

Your favorite LGBT film festival concludes once more, but not without a documentary on Jayne Mansfield's ties to Satanism in S.F.

As you strut your stuff in your recently acquired “GAY PURRIDE” shirt — if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a homophone joke based around the similarity of the onomatopoeic term for the sound a contented cat makes to the word associated with this month’s festivities — there are still plenty of interesting films to catch as Frameline heads into its big final weekend. A movie that, happily, will be released theatrically in August, director Eliza Hittman’s Beach Rats returns to her It Felt Like Love milieu of disaffected Brooklyn youth, this time from the point of view of an alienated teenage boy rather than an alienated teenage girl, though he finds boys just as mysterious as Love’s Lila did.

P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes’ documentary Mansfield 66/67 looks at the life and career of the sub-Marilyn bombshell Jayne Mansfield — and, befitting of number of the beast cheekily worked into the title, her affair with San Francisco’s famed spooky kid Anton LaVey. (It’s “co-presented by Peaches Christ Productions,” and Peaches herself is among the interviewees. That’s never a good sign for a film about a troubled icon of femininity, but don’t let it turn you off.) Meanwhile, Melissa Finell’s comedy Sensitivity Training finds grumpy university scientist Serena at odds with perma-perky positivity coach Caroline, tasked with teaching Serena to be nice.

Frameline 41, Week 2
Now playing at the Castro, Roxie, and Victoria Theatres.

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