Ghost Team

There are two movies opening this week that have casts full of comedy professionals, and one of those movies is very good. The other is Oliver Irving’s Ghost Team. Louis (Jon Heder) is a copy-shop employee determined to win an audition for his favorite reality show, Ghost Getters — which, in just one of many questionable directorial choices, distractingly uses the original Star Trek typeface. After he learns of a potentially haunted farmhouse, Louis gathers up his fat-slob best friend Stan (David Krumholtz, phoning it in long-distance), wiseass electronics-store employee Zak (Paul W. Downs, best known as Trey on Broad City), paramilitary-minded security guard Ross (Justin Long), paranormal-enthusiast beautician Ellie (Melonie Diaz), and television psychic Victoria (the great Amy Sedaris, phoning it in from an even longer distance than Krumholtz) to investigate. This is yet another sad case of normally reliable comic actors given very little to do, mired as they are in weak jokes and stodgy staging — but the hell of it is, Ghost Team nearly redeems itself with a third-act twist that arrives well after the viewer has stopped caring. Perhaps the best thing that can be said about Ghost Team is that as low-budget ghost-hunting films released to cash in on a canonical Ghostbusters film go, it’s still better than Alan Smithee’s Ghost Fever.

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