One Week and a Day

An Israeli dramedy that shifts gears to become a stoner comedy

The word “dramedy” is being used to describe Asaph Polonsky’s One Week and a Day, and while it does indeed deal with heavy themes of grief and mourning, it’s a straight-up stoner comedy in the end. Eyal (Shai Avivi) and Vicky (Jenya Dodina) are a middle-aged Israeli couple coming to the end of their shiva, the prescribed week of mourning after the burial of their 25-year-old son Ronnie. Vicky believes she’s ready to move on, but Eyal less so, blowing off the seventh day’s funerary services to try to retrieve Ronnie’s amazing technicolor blanket from the hospice.

This leads to him discovering Ronnie’s bag of medicinal pot, which in turn leads to him getting stoned on the regular both alone and with Zooler (Tomer Kapon), Ronnie’s friend and weed dealer, and an aspiring air-guitar champion. One Week and a Day juggles tones deftly, finding the humor in the fact that no matter your pain, the world keeps turning, birds keep pooping on your windshield, and burial plots go to whoever fills out the paperwork first. The presence of a litter of newborn kittens in Eyal and Vicky’s backyard would almost be too obvious a symbol of the cycle of life were it not for the fact that kitties make both movies and life itself better.

One Week and a Day
Not rated.
Opens Friday at the Opera Plaza Cinema.

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