The Void

Spookiness, gore, and other tricks from the John Carpenter playbook

Although it isn’t their first time directing a film either together or separately, Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s The Void feels like a “Look what we can do!” statement. And they do what they do very well: mixing spookiness with elaborate, super-grody gore effects within a building-under-siege framework straight out of the John Carpenter playbook. Policeman Carter (Aaron Poole) finds an injured man on the road and brings him to a hospital that’s about to be decommissioned, barely staffed by nurse Allison (Kathleen Munroe), trainee Kim (Ellen Wong, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’s Knives Chau!), and oily head doctor Powell (Kenneth Welsh). Things go from bad to cosmic when a pair of violent criminals appear in

Things go from bad to cosmic when a pair of violent criminals appear in search of the injured man, followed by robed figures who surround the hospital, preventing their escape … and then the monsters arrive from the basement’s portal to hell. Storywise, The Void evokes Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 and his terminally underrated Prince of Darkness; that not a bad thing, because it’s a sturdy framework that Carpenter himself adopted from Howard Hawks. (All art is inspired by something that came before it.) But the real draw is the plethora of practical, non-CGI monster and makeup effects that drip with viscera. They’re sure to fill the void in every gore-hound’s heart.

The Void
Not rated.
Opens Friday at the 4-Star Theatre.

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