Frameline 43, Week One

More (mostly) queer films from near and far, about both now and then.

It’s now mid-to-late June, which means two things. First, Target has busted out their weird Pride merchandise — this year, there’s a T-shirt with a rainbow-striped avocado and the words “Extra Like Guac,” which we can only hope will make at least one Boomer angry about Those Darn Millennials and Their Avocados. Second, the 43rd Frameline Film Festival is here with two weeks of queer and queer-adjacent moving images. Stephen Kijak’s Sid & Judy finds a new slant on Judy Garland’s well-trodden life via the memories of her manager, third husband, and all-around confidant Sid Luft.

Speaking of mid-20th century Hollywood icons, Monty got a raw deal for sure, but Robert A. Clift and Hillary Demmon’s Making Montgomery Clift takes a more complex view of the closeted actor’s difficult life and early death. Meanwhile, Gabrielle Zilkha’s Queering the Script ventures into the snakepit of modern fandoms, and the influence queer fans have on their favorite shows. Most curiously, the big queer film festival hosts a free showing of Pixar’s 2010 Toy Story 3, a picture that makes frequent, less-than-subtle fag jokes about the Ken doll. (He’s not traditionally masculine, LOL!) That Toy Story 4 is being released this weekend is probably a coincidence, so think of it as an extra. Y’know, like gender-shaming guac.

Now playing at the Castro, Roxie, and Victoria Theatres.

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